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Catherine grew up in Sugar Land, Texas and then headed to Houston! At the University of Houston, she received a dual diploma with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Creative Writing and Advertising. During the four years she was at U of H, Catherine worked at the university’s Blaffer Art Museum and became the Head Gallery Attendant and Security Coordinator. A stickler for processes and perfection, Catherine wrote the Security Policy Handbook for the museum. Her experience at Blaffer made her ideal for the Registrar/Design Associate position at Sarah Balinskas Fine Framing. She joined the SBFF team in 2017. Even before she learned about the position, she was already reading about frames for artworks. Catherine has an eye for art and fashion and an appreciation for the influence of art history on design and frame making. She brings her design sense and her concern for art care to each consultation. Her eye for perfection makes a visit to a museum with Catherine a treat, where she is prone to offer a respectful and insightful critique of installation details.